The Royal Wedding Experience

I don’t know why America is obsessed with the British royal family. Sure we have Clintons and Kennedys, but nothing beats true royalty. It was a real stroke of luck when the royal wedding was happening around I would be abroad. Given the opportunity, it would be crazy not to go to the royal wedding, but at first, I was against going to Windsor. I visited the royal castle a couple of months ago and noticed that there was very limited traffic going into the town. For instance, there were only two train stations, each having two tracks each(compared to other stations who have 10 to 16 tracks). I knew that coming in and out of the city would be crowded, so I didn’t want to be around can a highly populated area.
Then about a week before the wedding, I changed my mind and booked a train ride to Windsor. I realized that there probably won’t be a royal wedding in a while, considering that Charlette and George are still children. I also would be in the states if it a royal event ever happened again, so I decided to go.
I woke up about 7:30 am to get to my 8:20 train. I knew it was going to be crowded, so I wanted to give myself extra time. Between Reading and Windsor, it’s about a 25 minutes train ride with medium traffic. From Reading, I had to go to Slough and then take a train to Windsor. Once I got to the train station there was already a decent crowd waiting to go on the train. Some people dressed as if they were going to an actual wedding which was pretty cool to see. All the trains I rode on were crowded with people; mostly British but I also heard some Canadians, Americans, Frenchman, and Spaniards on the train to see the big event. By 8:40 am I was in Slough, but I wasn’t allowed to board the Windsor train just yet. There was a quarter mile line to get to the next train, but thankfully there was a giant flat screen showing the wedding preparations.

On my way to Windsor, all the transportation signs said Harry and Meghan Central.

After about 50 minutes of waiting and the last train ride, I was finally in Windsor. For the common folk, there were two giant screens set up to show the wedding and food venues all over the park. Instead of going straight there I decided to wait along the sidewalk for the 1 pm wedding procession. I was right next to the railing and was in a decidedly not as crowded area, so I was able to get a perfect of the procession. After it was over and I got a video of it, I went to get something to eat.
Overall the experience required a lot of waiting and standing, but going in person was definitely worth it. The fact that I was mere feet from Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan is the coolest thing in the world.  

Congrats to the New Couple!

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