The Harry Potter franchise is one of the biggest movie adaptation in modern history. As a Potter fan myself I was super excited to visit Warner Brothers Studio Tour. After the movies were completed, they turned the studios used in the movies as a movie museum. Many of the props, costumes, and scenes used in the movie are there for people to enjoy.

Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry

The tour is mostly at your own pace; there was an option to buy an audio device, but I decided against it. In front of each scene there would be a little video or info table, so not having an audio device didn’t ruin the experience. Some of my favorite places were the great hall, Dumbledore’s office, and the Forbidden Forest. The rooms were rich with intricate details all beautifully designed. Even some of the painting in the movies were actual paintings of crew members who worked on the movies.

During my visit, there were also many interactive events such as riding on a broomstick or traveling on the Hogwarts express. The tour guides would videotape you and then you could buy the content for a fee. Halfway through the tour, there’s a little restaurant where you can buy butterbeer (highly recommend getting a cup). Overall my visit to the studio was fun and really cool to see. It also made me appreciate movies more because there are many people behind the scenes to make everything look perfect on screen.

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