Point Zero, the Center of Paris

During the week, I took a coach to visit the city of love Paris, France. Paris is a very beautiful city with rich architecture and tasty food. Instead of talking about the main hotspots of Paris I wanted to write about something that most people don’t talk about. While I was on the coach, the woman sitting next to me was French and she talked about places she liked in Paris. One of the first things she mentioned was Notre Dame and Point zero.

So Notre Dame is on a little island called  Île de la Cité and Point Zero is a couple yards away from the entrance of Notre Dame. It is a little plaque on the ground which signifies the center point of Paris. This point is also used to measure the distance of all other locations in France. In a way, it’s like the heart or center of all France.

After I got off the coach the first place I visited was Notre Dame and to look for Point Zero. I arrived in Paris really early in the morning, so finding the center point wasn’t that hard. It was a pretty cool feeling to be in the exact center of Paris.

Once I found Point Zero I went to explore the rest of Paris; I eventually came back a little later in the day and there was a massive crowd in front of Notre Dame. So if you ever visit Paris and you want to find point zero easily I would recommend going in the morning.

The main reason why I wanted to find Point Zero because it supposedly brings good luck; If you find Point Zero then it guarantees you to return to Paris one day. And who knows, since I found it maybe I will some day.

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