Four Things I Enjoyed about Scotland and Wales

Harry Potter Undertones

JK Rowling lived in Edinburgh while she was writing the first Harry Potter books. Places like Candlemaker Row ‘Diagon Alley’ and Greyfriars Kirkyard helped inspire names and places in the book. One of the places to visit is a cafe called the Elephant House. Here JK Rowling would sit in the restaurant and wrote the early parts of Harry Potter. From the front, the cafe looks like any other cafe, that is until you walk into the bathroom. When I walked in I was blown away as to how many fans writing on the walls.

The bathroom in the Elephant House, which was filled with harry potter fan writing.

Great Views

One thing that was intriguing about Edinburgh was that it was built on a very hilly area. UK cities and towns always have parks that residents could visit. In Edinburgh, there are a lot of hills and peaks where you can get a good view of the city. The ones that I went to we’re Calton Hill, King Arthur’s Chair, and Edinburgh Castle. All three of them gave phenomenal views of the city.

View of Edinburgh on Calton Hill.


One of my favorite things about the UK are the mass amounts of castles to explore. I visited a castle in Scotland, Edinburgh castle, but one of my favorite castles to visit was Caerphilly Castle about a half hour outside of Cardiff. It was worn down, but the castle was a perfect blend of ruins and nature. I enjoyed my time there.

Edinburgh Castle
Caerphilly Castle


Dragons are one of my favorite magical creatures, so it was a pleasant surprise when I visited Wales. The Welsh flag has a red dragon on it, so naturally, there was plenty of dragon merch to purchase there. Also at Caerphilly, there were life-size dragon sculptures in front of the castle which I was super excited about. If only I could take one home.

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