Creativity Module: Interactive Fiction

The Short Story of Seraphina and Eve

When picking a creativity module, I wanted to incorporate my love of writing to the assignment; This is when I learned about interactive fiction. Interactive fiction, or IF for short, is the early modern version of a text-based video game. Back then, programmers could not add graphics, audio, and text all at once because of the lack of storage. However, programmers could add text to the screen and could receive commands from the user. Today, thanks to better processes and the internet, interactive fiction has expanded to have better graphics, images, and audio.  

IF is important because it was one of the first games to be used in the early 70’s and 80s’. The games Zork, for instance, was published in the late 70s and sold over 2 million copies in five years; this was during a time where only about 6 million computers were sold during this time. It was very popular back then and started the medium of digital games and storytelling. Although IF is not as popular as it was in the past, it’s still a medium that is used today.  There are archives and applications you can use to read or write stories.

An outline of “The Short Story of Seraphina and Eve”.

For my project, I created an IF about two girls celebrating their anniversary. To accomplish this I used Twine and added some CSS code to change up the colors. Most of my time was put towards writing the story down, but I think I want to come back to this and add some images and audio to enhance the experience. The tool is very simple to use and Twine offers a “cookbook” on how to write an IF.

Link Below:

The Short Story of Seraphina and Eve

IF is another form of expression, incorporating storytelling and programming to create a digital experience; there are archives and tutorials on how to create an IF. There is even a competition on the IFDB or the Interactive Fiction Database website.

I have always loved reading and writing stories whether it was a hard copy or online. Ever since I was a kid I have always loved writing stories and to this day I still do. During the year, I have been writing a story and have been debating on how to publish my work. Publishing my story through this platform would be cool and is exactly what I was looking for. However this would be for personal use, I don’t really want to use this for my big digital project.




A History Of Interactive Fiction

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